Tuesday, September 22, 2009

open your eyes, girl! open your mind, open your heart!

hey world, I'm not alone.
I shoud realize it simply, because everyone always shows their loves to me.
oh yes, they really care to me.
they don't wanna lose me indeed.
they do not say it in front of me direcly, but I can feel it.
I can feel it deep deep inside.
they show their loves in ways I've never defined.
now I figure out already what I've looked for before.
something I thought I never got, but in fact it's always here around me.
if the whole world hates me, they are the only place for me to return.
whatever happen on this earth, in this world, they will always protect me.
they are always by my side.
I dare to say that they will never betray me.
they will sacrifice anything for me, even it's their lives.

and do you know what?
I'm gonna do the same thing for them, because they are the most amazing present God ever gave to me.
because they are my family,
and how lucky I was born in this wonderful family!

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